Just like you come across people are working hard to lose their weight and bring their body into shape, there is another set of individuals who are interested in increasing their body weight and structure. Skinny or fragile people often find several ways by which they can add on weight into their body and look fit.

You might be thinking it is not a difficult task like shedding weight but let me tell you, safely gaining weight is as tricky as dropping the same. Increasing your body shape and weight by using steroids or supplements can prove to be a fatal mistake. They have life-threatening side effects which must be avoided at any cost regardless of their quick results.

Therefore, if you are unclear about how to gain healthy weight, then our article will surely help you out. We are going to discuss the essential foods which will help you gain some weight safely.

What are the outcomes of the lack of weight?

Lack of weight in the body is a severe problem just like excessive weight, So it is necessary that people take the steps needed to gain some much-needed weight if they are very skinny. The lack of weight can contribute to these following consequences in the human body.

  • Being underweight can negatively affect the metabolism of the human body. It tends to weaken the metabolic system, and thus our body is prone to more bacteria and viruses much easily.
  • When a person is underweight, their human development process gets delayed.
  • Lack of weight can lead to osteoporosis. It is a condition in which the bone starts losing its density.
  • Malnutrition is a widespread consequence for people who are suffering from the lack of weight.
  • Deficiency in body weight also leads to anemia. It is a condition in which the Red Blood cells of the body significantly depleted from the body.

Here is the most fundamental reason why it lacks the required weight is not a good and positive thing to brag. Now we will discuss the weight gain foods which you can consume to add up some weight safely.

1. Milk

Milk healthbeautybee

Milk is one of the most nutritious and famous items that you can consume to gain weight. Milk consists of several elements that play an essential role in the overall weight increasing process like – fat, proteins and carbohydrates. Protein and calcium levels of milk are higher than most other food items and help to build muscles.

2. Rice

rice healthbeautybee

Rice is a brilliant food ingredient which helps the consumers to gain a significant amount of weight over time consumes regularly. Rice contains a rich dose of carbohydrates, and a single cup of rice can come with 200 calories per serving. Prepare some rice and add some of your favorite vegetables for a meal every day. It is an essential inclusion in your weight gain meal plan.

3. Healthy Cereals

Healthy Cereals healthbeautybee

Healthy cereals are also a great source of fats and carbohydrates. Grains like Oats, Granola and Ezekiel, are brilliant ingredients that will help you to gain weight. They are a great source of carb and fiber to your diet. Thus, helping the body to store the much-needed fat over time.

4. Nuts

Nuts healthbeautybee

Nuts are rich and packed with proteins. They also contain the right amount of carbohydrate and fiber which are essential in increasing the overall mass and weight of the body. Nuts are high-calorie food items, and therefore you can eat some nuts every day as a fast meal at any time of the day. A small cup of nuts can come with 350 calories per serving. Almonds, Walnuts are some famous nuts which you can consume every day.

5. Potatoes

Potato healthbeautybee

Potatoes often linked with weight gain. They contain a significant amount of starchy carbohydrates. Carbs help to form a lot of excess fat in the human body by storing unburnt fats. Boiled or mashed potatoes have used as a popular food product that safely allows you to build a lot of weight over time and also helps in the development of muscles. Potatoe is an essential food item in your diet chart for weight gain.

6. Pumpkins

pumpkin healthbeautybee

Pumpkins have been proved to help the human body to gain a lot of weight. Pumpkin contains starch which gets converted into glucose. Glucose is an essential component in the human body that helps the body to store fat and hence increases the overall weight. You can consume pumpkin in different ways and therefore adding it to your regular diet is not a difficult task.

7. Avocado

Avocado healthbeautybee

Avocado loaded with essential and healthy fats. These are much more calorie-dense than most other whole fruits and therefore helps to gain the right amount of weight. A whole avocado contains 322 calories and 29 grams of fat which is a large intake regularly. It is also high in different other minerals and vitamins which makes them very healthy to eat as well.

Here are the top food items which you can add to your daily diet chart if you are looking to gain some weight safely. Consuming these products will increase your body weight and bulk over time and not in a few days.

Unlike weight gaining supplements, natural ingredients work slowly, but most importantly they work safely. All of these items do not have any side effects once consumed, unlike supplements. So make sure you add a few of them into your regular diet list and gain some weight in the coming weeks.

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