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Do you want to share your health and beauty article in this blog? Are you looking for a guest posting opportunity in this blog to increase your backlinks? Good News! You can write on this blog.

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Check this FAQ to clear all your doubts
1. Which article topics you allowed?
We allowed all Health Tips,
Beauty Tips (Skincare, Haircare, Eyecare, handcare, foot care,etc.)
Fitness tips
Weightloss Tips
Weight gain tips
Stress &Management and health and beauty related topics
2. How much length of article length should I write?
Minimum 800 Words.
3. Should I share you my idea before writing an article?
Sure. You can contact us before you start to write. Its your wish.
4. What happens after I submit my article?
Your submission will review, and we will contact you soon. Maximum 48 Hours you will know the result whether your article is eligible or not.
5. If I write an article, how should I submit it to you?
You can contact us or mail to [email protected]
6. Can I repost my submission on my blog or another website?
No. If you repost the article, we must retain the rights to the content. Republishing on your blog or any other website is strictly prohibited.
7. How many links do you allow per article?
We allow 2 links per article.

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