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Do you want to share your health and beauty article in this blog? Are you looking for a guest posting opportunity in this blog to increase your backlinks? Good News! You can write on this blog. 

As an experienced SEO and blogger, I know you use Google or Bing to reach to our blog through a wide variety of terms such as

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Write to us beauty and more.

Check this FAQ to clear all your doubts

  1. Which article topics you allowed?

We allowed

  • Health Tips,
  • Beauty Tips (Skincare, Haircare, Eyecare, handcare, foot care,etc.)
  • Fitness tips
  • Weightloss Tips
  • Weight gain tips
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Pregnancy tips
  • Childcare tips
  • Stress & Management 
  1. How much length of article length should I write?

Minimum 800 Words.

  1. Should I share with you my idea before writing an article?

Sure. You can contact us before you start to write.

  1. What happens after I submit my article?

Your submission will be reviewed, and we will contact you soon. Maximum 48 Hours you will know the result whether your article is eligible or not.

  1. If I write an article, how should I submit it to you?

 You can contact us or mail to [email protected]

  1. Can I repost my submission on my blog or another website?

No. If you repost the article, we must retain the rights to the content. Republishing on your blog or any other website is strictly prohibited.   

  1. How many links allow within the post?

Contact us for more doubts.

Benefits of Guest Posting On Health and Fitness

While it requires quite some work, guest posting can benefit your health site in a number of ways.  Here are some of the major reasons why should consider health guest posts.

  • Helps you tap into a new audience

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your health website or blog in front of a new audience. You get the advantage of the community as well as the trust that is already established by the target blog. You connect with the audience and if your guest post is impressive, they can be converted to your clients and audience as well.

  • Establishes you as an industry authority

Getting publishing on a leading blog is a form of endorsement. Through this, you’ll gain much-needed credibility to stand out from the crowd.

  • Drives quality traffic to your site

Health guest posting can also help you get high-quality traffic to your website or blog.  A person can only visit your site after reading your guest posts if they are genuinely interested in what you do. This is why the quality of such traffic is high. As a matter of fact, such a visitor is on the tail end of the buying process.

  • It is an effective link building tactic

Guest posting is also a very effective white hat link building strategy.  When your guest article is published in another person’s blog, you also land a backlink.  This, in turn, helps your search engine rankings.  As a matter of fact, links are one of the major factors that influence the position of a site in organic search engine results.

  • Build relationships

Health “write for us” pages are great opportunities to connect with other bloggers from all over the world. Such connections can bring a lot of benefits to you both as an individual and to your business. Remember that the world today is a global village.

  • Add more value to your website

When you accept and publish a guest post, you get free content and also give your audience the opportunity to interact with another blogger. This adds more value to your website and gives you some time off your writing calendar.

  • Sharpen your content marketing skills

A guest blogging campaign also sharpens your content marketing skills. This is because every aspect of guest blogging incorporates various content marketing skills such as content research, audience research, outreach and so on. Since practice is the best learning method, launching a guest posting campaign is a sure way to grow in the content marketing field.

Health guest posts have numerous benefits for each of the two parties.  In order to get the most out of guest posting, it is important to stick to the rules. In addition, one should always keep learning so as to keep abreast of the latest tips and tactics.



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