Controlling weight is one of the challenging tasks for people nowadays.

Juices and energy drinks play an important role in weight loss. Know the best drinks to weight loss, people prefer drinks without added sugars and other additives, if they won’t reduce body weight. It will improve their health and energy.

Following drinks are beneficial to stay fit and healthy.

5 Drinks to Lose weight at home

1. Vegetable Juices

vegetable juice healthbeautybee

Preparation of Vegetable juices is an exciting task. Vegetable juices consist of all necessary fiber and nutrients which essential for everybody.

Usually, vegetables and vegetable juices help to reduce appetite because of fiber content will take a lot of time for digestion. It will provide a sustainable energy source for the body for a more extended period.
You can drink the below juices,
– Cucumber juice
– Coriander juice
– Carrot Juice
– Cabbage leaf juice
– Bitter gourd juice

2. Green Tea

Green Tea healthbeautybee

Green tea is one of the most effective drinks, and it will help to reduce excess weight naturally.

The regular consumption of green tea will enhance hormone levels. It will lead to a situation that fat cells cut down which is released into the bloodstream and makes it available as an energy source.

1. Boil a glass of water and then add a teaspoon of green tea into it.
2. Let it heat for fewer minutes with low flame.
3. Strain the green tea and drink it hot.

You don’t need to drink a lot of green tea to help you lose weight. Just take green tea twice a day. It means 2.5 cups per day.

3. Yogurt Smoothies

Yogurt Smoothies Healthbeautybee


Yogurt is rich in calcium and is a very effective one in reducing weight. It has the properties of burning fat easily. It is an ideal ingredient that will help your body to lower fat accumulation.

The making of yogurt smoothie is a simple one. It is to add about half a cup of yogurt in your favorite smoothie and blend it in a mixer. Drink this first yogurt smoothie once or twice a day.

4. Skimmed Milk

Milk healthbeautybee

Skimmed milk is the best way to reduce weight and acquire essential dairy nutrients. It contains high levels of calcium, potassium and an excellent source of vitamins.

These vitamins and minerals all play significant roles in energy production. It can boost faster breakdown and conversion of dietary carbohydrates and fats into energy. It is necessary to select skimmed with below 1% fat to get optimum results.

Calcium enriched skimmed milk helps to increase calcium density in bone and muscles to make them strong and less fragile.

5. Black Coffee

Black Coffee healthbeautybee

Black coffee is also considered to be a very efficient drink in losing weight effectively. It will help to reduce your appetite and to suppress it for a long time.

Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid and Caffeine which play an essential role in weight loss. When you take black coffee after a meal, the chlorogenic acid slows down the production of glucose in the body and the creation of new fat cells.

Caffeine is effective in stimulating increased lipase enzyme that helps break down fat during digestion in the body.

Final Words

Hence, you can lose weight at home naturally with regular food diet and habits. Know the overall best tips for weight loss to live fit and healthy.

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